Floods in Myanmar, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam, Lao PDR

Updated on 27 October 2015! Report on Flood Disaster in Myanmar (2015)

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21 September 2015; Mrs. Khin Aye Aye Mon (or known as “Alice”), former President of AITAA Myanmar Chapter and currently the Treasurer of the Chapter, visited AITAA Headquarters today on the occasion of her visit to the AIT campus.

Alice delivered a plaque as a token of appreciation to AITAA HQ for donation to AITAA Myanmar Chapter to support its activities concerning flood disaster relief and rehabilitation. It is a good example of cooperation within AIT alumni community and on how AITAA can contribute to the society.

We extend our big thanks to the Executive Committees members of AITAA Myanmar Chapter for their kind attention.


Letter from AITAA President (edited on Aug 5 by adding "Bangladesh, China")

Aug 4, 2558 BE, at 16:27
Subject: [All] Floods in Myanmar, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam, Lao PDR, Bangladesh, China

Dear Friends in Myanmar, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam, Lao PDR, Bangladesh, China and all AIT Alumni,

During the past few days we have been hearing about the severe floods hitting many Southeast Asian countries named above in which our AIT Alumni friends live, (including a few parts of Thailand), for example:



From what we here, it seems Myanmar is the hardest hit country, with severe damages and high death tolls. The attached photo will give an idea of how severe it is.

We wish to send our moral supports to our friends in this time of troubles. We have received an email from AIT president calling for donations to help Myanmar and we would like encourage AIT alumni to join in the campaign. On the other hand, we will certainly make our own contributions like we just did a few months ago to help Nepal after the April earthquake.


on behalf of AITAA
Thanin Bumrungsap
AITAA President