1st dialogue session of AITAA Regional Collaboration (NZ, Singapore and the Philippines)

Submitted by AITAA on Mon, 05/08/2023 - 03:03

Top row (Sripenny Puspasari (President, Singapore Chapter), Win Myint Thein (AITAA HQ), Marlon  Era (President, Philippines Chapter), Aldrin Rivas (NZ))

Middle row (Prawindra Mukhia (President, MZ Chapter, Dr. Bapon Fakhruddin (NZ), Maria Fe Nuestro Ferriols (Philippines), Bikesh Shrestha (NZ))

Bottom row (Michael Permana Rinaldi (guest, Indonesia), Dr. Mesbahuddin Chowdhury (NZ))



The 1st dialogue session of AITAA Regional Collaboration (NZ, Singapore and the Philippines) was held yesterday, 7th May 2023. This was hosted by the NZ Chapter.

Speaker Dr. Bapon Fakhruddin (AITAA Water Engineering and Management) gave an interesting talk on the topic "Green Climate Fund - Accelerating climate innovation and investment.

 Although the group was small, the Q&A session was lively and engaging. Dr. Fakhruddin has suggested areas where AIT/AITAA could be involved. This will be followed up.

The next session is likely to be hosted by the Philippines Chapter. We look for more alumni to join in the collaboration dialogues.