First AITAA International Symposium 2021

First AITAA International Symposium


Sustainable Technology Innovations: with Social Impact in: Agriculture, Environment, and Digital Transformation


AITAA First Symposium Keynotes



Session 1: Energy Environment and Climate Change

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Session 1A

“21st Century Economy, Climate, Energy and Social Transformations: A Global South Perspective” by Prof. Joyashree Roy


“Pathway to a Carbon-neutral Power Sector: Challenges and Opportunities for Vietnam” by Ha Dang Son


“Impact based multi-hazards early warning system - Pacific perspective” by Bapon Faakhruddin, PhD


Session 1B

“ROADMAP for Sustainable Waste Management” by MD. Sahadat Hossain, PhD, PE


From Waste to Wealth: An Integrated Tunable, and Circular Economy Approach for Biowastes Valorization” by Prof. Animesh Dutta


“Future Energy Sector Financing: A Multilateral Development Bank’s Perspective” by Priyantha Wijayatunga, PhD




Session 2: Agriculture Food and Water

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“Challenges for Sustainable Development in the Mekong River Delta: Climate Change, Water Resources and Food Securities” by Dr. Le Anh Tuan


“Sustainable Agriculture Water Management through Internet of Things (IoT) in Punjab, India” by Dr. Ajay Pradhan


“Mechanization of Selected Aspects of Aquaculture: Finding a Balance for Sustainable Production” by Victor Marco Emmanuel N. Ferriols, PH.D.



Session 3: Digital Transformation and Smart Cities

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Session 3A

“Supply Chain Resilience in a Post Covid-19 Pandemic Era: A Case Study of Ho Chi Minh City” Dr. Nguyen Van Hop


“Information and communication technologies and Internet of Things in Smart cities” by Prof. Xavier Fernando


“Development of A Digital Contents Platform Based on AI and Blockchain in Korea” by Seunghwan Lee, Ph.D


Session 3B

The Vietnamese Digital Transformation Strategy: Toward a Digital Nation” by PHUNG Van Dong, PhD


Reflexive Relation between Human Resource and Digital Transformation” Prof. Dr. Eko Sri Margianti, SE, MM


“Digital Transformation and Implementation” by Prof. Dr. Ing Adang Suhendra