AITAA Chapter Governance Guidelines


AITAA Chapter Governance Guidelines

Chapter governance shall follow AITAA Statutes ratified on 11 July 2005 and subsequently amended and ratified on 08 November 2020.  The governance rules prescribed here give an agreed interpretation of AITAA Statutes.  The references to statutes are cited where relevant.  These rules also supplement on matters that are not mandated in the Statutes. Supplements to the Statutes are not be taken as contradiction to the Statutes.

These rules are setting out minimum governance expectation of a chapter. 


  1. A graduate with degree or diplomas from AIT or SEATO Graduate School of Engineering is eligible for membership (Article II, Sec 2). However, a graduate must be registered with a chapter of his/her choice by the means set by the chapter to be considered as a Regular Member.
  2. The minimum registration details of a Regular Member shall include name, AIT graduation year, AIT degree, city of residence and a request for his/her contact information (email, telephone, postal address or any other means). A chapter must be able to produce the details of their Regular Members.
  3. A chapter in addition to the above may decide its own method of registration of Regular Members. The registration may constitute payment of a fee and, or signing a book or any other method of consenting to membership.
  4. An alumnus or alumnae can be counted as Regular Member of only one National or

Regional Chapter of his/her choice. However, he/she can be a member of a Non Geographic Section, Sub Chapter and or an associate member to other National Chapters simultaneously as provided for in the statutes (Article VI, Sec 1)

  1. A chapter has the right to limit its membership to a nationality, country of residence and/or a region as long as it provides an interested alumnus an opportunity to enroll in another chapter of his/her choice.


  1. A chapter must have at least ten (10) Regular Members (Article VI, Sec 2). The definition of Regular Member is listed in Rule 1 to 3 earlier.
  2. A chapter is sovereign to make its own rule as long as the chapter rules do not contradict AITAA Statutes (Article VI, Sec 5) or does not contradict Chapter Governance Rules mandated here.
  3. A sub chapter can only be formed under approval of the respective National Chapter (Article VI, Sec 1). However, a National Chapter should not unreasonably deny the request of formation of sub chapters.
  4. There can be only one accredited National Chapter for each country. In case of multiple claims AITAA HQ will deliberate on the National Chapter preferring the older formation or preferring the formation with higher number of Regular Members or an internationally accepted arbitration method chosen by AITAA HQ.
  5. Regional and National Chapters are independent of each other despite the location of their activity.


  1. A group of alumni are free to organise themselves into non-geographic chapter known as Sections. The formations may be based on common interests (such as degrees, years, disciplines) with non-geographical names (e.g., Lotus Section, Dragon Section, Hydrology Section). Sections are expected to follow applicable governance rules including the payment of annual registration fees.
  2. Governance rules (membership, administration, fees) of Non-Geographic Sections should closely follow the governance rules prescribed here for National and Regional Chapters unless explicitly exempt.


  1. The chapter president shall be elected by the Regular Members (Article VI, Sec 3) every year. The rules of the election will be decided by the chapter unless it is the inaugural election. The inaugural election will be overseen by AITAA HQ (Article VI, Sec 3). 

14. A chapter president cannot be re-elected for more than two consecutive years. This rule does not prevent an alumnus to be re-elected president after a year has lapsed. 

15. A chapter must have one general communication or activity a year besides its general meeting for election of the president. This may be a meeting, social media group posting, chat group discussion, social gathering, general informative email.

16.A registration fee is payable by all active Chapters, Subchapter and Sections each year to AITAA HQ prior to each GBM. Annual registration fee of Chapters for 10 to 50 alumni is US$50, for 50-200 alumni is US$100 and 200+ alumni is US$150. Sub chapters and Sections of any size pays a registration fee of US$50.

  1. An active Chapter, Sub chapter or Section sends at least one delegate to GBM, must submit the annual report to GBM and pays annual registration fee to AITAA HQ prior to GBM. 
  2. The annual report must confirm compliance to the chapter governance rules listed here and report the names of the chapter executives (Article VI, Sec 4). A blank template of annual report is attached as a schedule of this rules.
  3. Either the chapter president or his or her representative must attend GBM. In case of nonattendance, the chapter must obtain leave of absence from AITAA HQ in advance. 
  1. At commencement of each GBM, chapters will be issued with a certificate of accreditation if following conditions are met: (1) submission of annual report, (2) annual report confirms compliance to governance rules, (3) payment of registration fee, and (4) either present at GBM or absent with prior leave. The accreditation is a prerequisite for a chapter to be recognised and given the voting right. A blank template of certificate is attached as a schedule of this rules.

21.The Sub chapters and Non-Geographic Sections are encouraged to attend GBM and submitting annual report for inclusion in the minutes. They will be attending as observers and shall not have voting rights.


  1. A chapter will be declared inactive by GBM when one or more of these four situations prevail: (1) non submission of annual report, (2) annual report non-compliant, (3) registration fee remains unpaid, and or (4) absence of the delegate in GBM without prior leave
  2. An inactive National or Regional Chapter loses its voting right in GBM. Alumni from inactive chapters may still attend GBM as observers
  3. If a chapter is declared inactive by GBM, the rules of formation of in-augural chapter applies (Article VI, Sec 3). These are (1) at least 10 Regular Members, (2) inaugural election overseen by AITAA HQ. No liability of former inactive chapter (e.g. unpaid registration fee, missing annual report) will be carried forward for ease of new leadership
  4. If a National Chapter becomes inactive AITAA HQ will make every effort to make the chapter active prior to next GBM.
  5. Chapters should inform AITAA HQ if unable to follow any rule.



08 November 2020.