Election By-Laws


Election of the President shall be held according to AITAA Statutes.


These by-laws give an agreed interpretation of AITAA Statutes. These by-laws also supplement on matters that are not mandated in the Statutes.


In the event there are any inconsistencies between the By- Laws and the Statutes, the Statutes shall prevail. The By-Laws are not be taken as contradiction to the Statutes.


  1. In July of the election year, AITAA Headquarter will openly call for nomination as per Article V, Section 4. The announcement will be widely circulated to all known alumni, inclusive of the national chapter, through all available communication means.
  2. Any regular member alumnus is eligible for the post of President for a maximum of two consecutive terms. The nomination shall be supported by 3 or more alumni and must be accepted by the nominee. At least one of the nomination supporters should be a Governing Board member to comply Article V, Section 4 (a) of the Statutes.
  3. AITAA Headquarter will receive the valid nominations until the closing date. The nomination shall close by 30th September. The filled nomination form will be openly available (via website or other means) for alumni to view after the closing date.
  4. In case of no nominations received by the closing date the Headquarter will continue search for a president as practical.
  5. In case of only one valid nomination, the nominee will be recommended to the next GBM to be elected uncontested.
  6. In case of two or more nominations, election of the president shall be conducted at the GBM in the manner outlined below.
  7. All the candidates shall be given equal opportunity to present their manifesto at appropriate forums and media.
  8. The AITAA Headquarter will release the names of eligible voters the evening prior to GBM . The eligible voters comprise of six AITAA Headquarter executives and attending official delegates from national and regional chapters (Article III, Section 1 & 2). All eligible voters or their representatives must be in attendance to GBM (Article V, Section 4b).
  9. If an election is required, GBM will appoint a 3-member election committee with one being the chief election officer. An Alumnus who signed nomination paper in support of a candidate will not be eligible to be appointed as a member of the election committee. Appointment of election committee shall be an early item of the agenda in GBM.
  10. Any appeal for alteration, modification, error of the voter eligibility must be lodged by the candidates with the chief election officer by 12 noon of the GBM day. The chief election officer in consultation with other two election officers shall determine any appeal outcome. The chief election officer will endorse and release the final voter list at 2 pm of the GBM day. No further appeal on voter eligibility shall be allowed.
  11. A candidate can withdraw his or her candidature at any time prior to commencement of the voting.
  12. The election shall be conducted at or around 3 pm of the GBM day. This time is to be adhered to as practically as possible so that eligible voters can make themselves available at this pre-determined time.
  13. Candidates shall not be involved in the election process other than exercising their voting right if they are listed as eligible voters. This rule does not prevent the candidates from campaigning.
  14. Each candidate will appoint an agent to represent his or her interest. Election officers, as practicable, shall conduct election process with the full knowledge of the agents. The process includes the total ballot count, ballot distribution, voter identity, valid votes and vote count. Any challenge of the process by an agent shall be immediately resolved by the majority opinion among 3 election officers.
  15. A valid vote is the vote where the voter’s intention or choice of candidate is clear, irrespective of tick or cross or any other method used. Any challenge by an agent shall be immediately resolved by the majority opinion among 3 election officers.
  16. In case of 2two candidates, the candidate with higher valid votes shall be declared winner by the chief election officer.
  17. In case of three or more candidates only the candidates ranking top two number of votes with proceed with second round of voting.
  18. In case of equal number of votes of 2 candidates, the winner shall be decided based on a name blindly drawn from a hat by the chief election officer 
  19. Any challenge of the declared result must be lodged in writing, stating reasons, only by the candidate or the agent of the candidates within 1 hour of the declaration of the result.
  20. In case of a challenge, the election appeal board shall convene to immediately hear the challenge behind closed door. The board shall be comprised of chief election officer (chair of the board), other 2 election officers and attending past presidents of AITAA (who are not contesting the election). The appeal board on majority opinion will deliberate within next hour considering practicality, expediency, Statutes, this ByLaw and alumni unity. No further challenge shall be received.
  21. Declaration of the result shall be deemed final after 1 hour, or after the deliberation of the appeal board. All ballot papers are to be destroyed after this.


Ratified at 48th GBM, Bangkok October 23, 2019.





TERM: 20xx-20xx


Name of the candidate:

Discipline and year of graduation:

Contact details:

Photo of the candidate:


We nominate the above candidate (one must be a member of GB)

  1. Name: Discipline and year of graduation: Member of GB : Yes
  2. Name: Discipline and year of graduation: Member of GB : Yes/No
  3. Name: Discipline and year of graduation: Member of GB: Yes/No



I have not been the president for last two terms. I accept the nomination: Lodgment date: