Old Year’s Wrap-up and New Year’s Wishes

Dear Alumni and Friends of AIT,

If you use Facebook you will have been provided with highlights of your notable postings through the year in a good style. AIT Alumni Association (AITAA) would also like to briefly summarize our activities in our style since the beginning of 2014 which marked the commencement of my term as the AITAA President.

The first good news was that, on 31 January, AITAA office moved back to the AIT campus, with a Memorandum of Agreement signed between the Interim President of AIT and myself on the same date. That was a result of the resolution of the Governing Board Meeting (GBM) of AITAA in November 2012.

On the development of the Friends of AIT Foundation, I attended the first meeting of the Board of Directors of the Friends of AIT Foundation on 27 March 2014. There still needs in the appointment of additional Directors to the Board of the Foundation as required by the Bylaws of the Foundation, in order to fulfill the international nature of the Foundation. The Foundation also jointly hosted with AITAA and AITAA-Thailand the fundraising golf tournament held on 10 July 2014.

AITAA Headquarters (Mother Chapter) held its executive committee meetings 5 times this year, on 27 March, 17 May, 19 July, 20 September, and 8 November.

The 43rd Governing Board Meeting (GBM) was held during 21 – 24 November 2014, superbly hosted by the Philippines Chapter in Manila. In order to strengthen the networks among the alumni worldwide, the GB agrees that the HQ has an authority to re-establish some National Chapters to replace the previous ones which have become inactive, in case there are groups of alumni in the particular countries/regions interested in the reactivation. The HQ has also been working closely with the Institute in continuously improving the alumni database in order to improve the networking and communications, and urges the National Chapters to actively participate and communicate more closely with their members.

I joined the Annual General Meeting of the Thai Chapter on 28 November. I also met and discussed with many alumni from many countries who visited Bangkok during the year.

As a member of AIT Board of Trustees, I attended both of the Board Meetings on 16 January and 17 July. As a member of AIT Executive Committee, I attended all the three committee meetings on 9 April, 8 October, and 25 December. As the Co-Chairman of AIT Student Relations Committee, I co-chaired the meeting on 31 July. AITAA participated and conducted AIT Alumni induction ceremonies on the Grad Nights of 121st and 122nd batches of AIT graduates on 17 May and 12 December 2014 respectively. AITAA emphasized the importance of alumni participation in AITAA activities and contribution to our beloved alma mater and to the society and urged them to connect to the local AITAA National Chapters where they live.

For several years, AITAA has enjoyed the excellent service of our “Assistant Program Officer”, Mrs. Elenita Cervantes-Ortinero (Leni) with whom you are well familiar. Unavoidably, the time has come to part. Leni has to quit our AITAA office by the end of December to reunite with her family in the Philippines. We wish her a happy family life. She will, however, remain in our communications loop and continue to assist us remotely as may be desirable. We have recruited a new staffer, Khun Naritsara Bootdeekun (Jay), who has joined us as the new Assistant Program Officer since 12 November 2014. Please join us in welcoming Jay.

We, at AITAA, would like to strengthen AIT alumni power and network so we can jointly contribute more resources and capabilities to support our beloved Alma Mater. On behalf of the AITAA Executive Officers and Advisors, I would like to say that it is an honour and pleasure for us to be acting as the AIT alumni representatives. And on this occasion of the season of joys, I wish you good health and happiness all through the New Year 2015.

In closing, you may check my notable personal postings of 2014 in my Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thanin.bumrungsap/posts/898919263474869?pnref=story

And, for a closer tie, I urge you to join AITAA closed-group Facebook:

Happy New Year,

Thanin Bumrungsap
AITAA President
26 December 2014