Conclusion AITAA President's Mission and Best Wishes for the New Year

1st January 2016
Dear AIT Alumni,

Best Wishes to you all for the New Year 2016.

Yesterday was my last day as the President of AITAA of the 2014-2015 term, so this is my last message in that capacity. I should have sent this message to you yesterday but I was tied up on an excursion with family members and friends.

I would like to conclude my mission as AITAA President by sharing to you the attached messages from six friends of ours, i.e. Senaka Samarasinghe, the initiator for the re-establishment of AITAA Canada Chapter, Malwila Dissanayake, the co-establisher and the President of the re-established AITAA Canada Chapter, Ajay Pradhan, immediate past President and advisor of AITAA India Chapter, Tahir Naeem, President of AITAA Pakistan Chapter, M. Kamal Uddin, President of AITAA Bangladesh Chapter, and Allen Surla, President of AITAA Philippines Chapter, for which I am very thankful.

I highly appreciate those messages not for their praises or commendation on me but for reflections of understanding and high regards on what I have done for AITAA and AIT.

And I would also like to extend my thanks to Shamsuddin M. Qureshi, patron of AITAA Pakistan Chapter (one of the 12 AIT Hall of Fame Inductees), for speaking up on three occasions during the recent AITAA Governing Board Meeting (GBM) in Colombo, Sri Lanka, about his appreciation of what I have done as AITAA President.

After the mentioned GBM held at the end October/early November, I and AITAA Headquarters under my presidency have performed four more noteworthy activities, i.e. AIT Executive Committee Meeting on 2nd December, AIT Gradnite and Induction Ceremony on 12th December, dinner meeting on 14th December to help Dr. Somchet Thinaphong, the president-elect, in the process of forming of his new committee, and my private meeting on 21st December with a group well wishers for AIT.

It was in the AIT Executive Committee Meeting on 2nd December that my attempt for more than two years to point out that AIT needs drastic improvements of the laboratories, and not the library, has been proven correct. Thus I consider that my mission has been beautifully concluded.

As one of the alumni like all of you, I will certainly continue to support AITAA and AIT.

Thanks to executive committee members AITAA Headquarters, AITAA National Chapters, and to you all.

Thanin Bumrungsap
Immediate Past President of AITAA